Our approach to therapy comes from a place of compassion, mindful presence, and curiosity.

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At Reflections Counseling Center of Columbus, Inc. we are passionate about what we do: we seek to provide a supportive space to help people gain insight, build upon their existing skills, and overcome obstacles.


Psychotherapy Services:

Psychotherapy can be helpful for many different kinds of issues. Anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and family/relationship conflict are just a few examples of what we address every day. We approach our work from a collaborative standpoint. In other words, we work together with you in order to find the strategies that work the best for you given your unique background, personality, and situation.

We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life and we can conduct therapy in both English and Spanish. Depending on your needs, we offer individual, family, couples, and group sessions. At times, we offer workshops and retreats. In addition, we conduct psycho-social and hardship evaluations for immigrants facing deportation.

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Who We Help

  • Individuals

    This process involves talking to a psychotherapist about obstacles in your life. The focus might be anxiety, grief, depression, sadness, anger and/or other concerns.

  • Couples

    Couple psychotherapy is beneficial when there is a need for improving and /or repairing relationships. Couples can become uncertain about the viability of a relationship and need help/support as they sort this out.

  • Families

    Sometimes the family seems to be falling apart and needs intervention/mediation in a safe environment. Everyone can have a part in “standing up to the problem”

  • Group

    Groups create a safe protective environment in which to try out new behaviors and gain insight about how individuals experience themselves and others.

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